About Jarlath Duffy

About 60% of my assignments are in Leadership and Management Training; whilst the remainder is consulting and coaching clients on a wide range of organisational and personal change issues. I am an accomplished facilitator, with experience at Director, Senior Manager
and Middle-Manager levels in analysing and enabling individuals and teams plan and implement actions aligned with strategic priorities.

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What Jarlath Duffy Can Do for You

I design and runs training programmes for Leaders, Managers and Teams that focus on a range of core competencies and attributes that are necessary for both their success and individual happiness e.g. Resilience and Wellbeing, Psychological safety, Employee
Engagement, Conflict Resolution Skills, Dealing with Difficult People, Presentation Skills, Influencing, Change management.

Participants’ feedback on my programs is invariably positive and focusses on increased awareness coupled with the steadfast intention to change, while stressing the enjoyable aspect of the experience.

I regularly facilitate the successful processing of conflict within groups and between individuals. My facilitation style enhances participation and collaboration through the building of trust and support.

An effective coach to clients, ranging from CEOs to Line managers. My approach, be it at individual or group level, is to get people to work as much as possible in the present with a view to positively changing things in the future. I enable people to release their potential with purpose and meaning, by getting them to both believe in and value themselves.

I am a rewarding and memorable keynote and after-dinner speaker; in the areas of Leadership and Personal Development. I have an engaging style of communication that strikes chords and insights with people and is often sprinkled with humour.

I’d love to see what we can do together.