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Jarlath Duffy

  • Training in effective and caring leadership 

  • Guiding teams to the summit of their abilities

  • Coaching leaders beyond the edge of their beliefs

“Through coaching, ever since I graduated, Jarlath has been both a transformer and support on the journey of my career. ”

Rebecca Kelly

Human Resources (Immigration & Mobility) at Critical Mass

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  • What specific leadership challenges or areas for improvement are you currently facing?

  • How do you envision leadership development contributing to your organisational goals?

  • Are there particular skills or competencies you believe your leaders need to enhance?

  • What is your preferred format for leadership training? (Workshops, ongoing coaching, blended learning, etc.)

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  • What is the current state of team dynamics within your organisation?

  • Are there specific challenges or opportunities you’d like the team event to address?

  • What outcomes or goals do you hope to achieve through a team facilitation event?

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  • What is the primary theme or objective of your event?

  • How do you envision the keynote address aligning with the overall goals of the event?

  • What specific impact or takeaway do you want the audience to have after the keynote address?