Leadership Training Starts First with the Leader

Leadership Training

Jarlath’s experience has taught him that leadership training starts first with the leader – building up their awareness, understanding and the confidence to be themselves.

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Learn to Understand People and How to Lead them…

It then progresses to understanding other people and how to lead them both individually and collectively. It involves exploring fear, courage and vulnerabilities and often results in people finding comfort in the fact that they are not alone with their challenges.  A number of tools and techniques are used to aid this practice.

The outcome is that leaders approach their lives with an open-mind, an open-heart and an open-will. This training is provided face-to-face and virtually.

New Marketing Leaders


Coaching leaders beyond the edge of their beliefs

Let’s Make Things Happen

Bringing people at all levels to a manageable state of well-being.

“Brilliant, practical and focused executive coaching – highly recommend for Jarlath’s thoughtful and informed approaches to management development..”

Jackie Gorman

CEO at Midlands Science

Jarlath Duffy

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